Education for the Disabled

Integrated Education Centre for the Visually impaired & Physically Handicapped

The Main Concern of Kutch Vikas Trust is the education of the blind and handicapped children, the less privileged in the society and working for their all-round development. They are given free education and training in the school. In this Integrated Education Centre the physically and visually disabled study along with the normal children coming from the slum area and nearby villages.

Here they have an opportunity to compete with the normal children and at the end of their curricular and extracurricular programme; they would be able to live almost a normal life.

The visually challenged are given special training to cope up with the difficulties in their life from the early days onwards. Special coaching is imparted in Braille and daily living skills. With special facilities, a resource room is provided to impart this training to the blind children. The medium of instruction of the school is English and under the aegis of efficient and dedicated staff, the school is making great strides. They also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities of the school.

Hostel for the Disabled

With an aim to impart free and quality education to Disabled children, who are otherwise unable to attend school due to their disability and poverty are given free accommodation, food, and clothing in the hostel. Both girls and boys, physically, visually and multi-disabled, are given accommodation in the hostel.

The hostel is divided into twelve units or houses wherein a housemother looks after each hostel, who cares for 12-15 children; who are physically and visually challenged. A meticulous timetable with extra inputs and coaching instill a sense of confidence and pride in the children to face the challenges of the world outside.

Adult Education

We find 0% literacy in some of the villages in Kutch. With an aim to enable the illiterate to make a sense of their life, we impart adult the opportunity, at least to scribble their names and to create a sense of satisfaction and pride in their lives.

Itinerant Teachers

In order to impart basic education at the doorsteps of the visually challenged, K. V. T. provides teachers for their education. These teachers go from village to village and train the blind for Braille writing, Orientation, and Mobility, Daily Living Skills, etc.

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