Health Care Activities

Eye Care Activities

Health care is one of the main areas of priority for Kutch Vikas Trust. The health scenario in Kutch District is not encouraging as a whole. With an aim to provide quality medical and health care to the people in the villages around, K. V. T. has undertaken many programmes. Eye-related problems are steadily on the rise in this part of the country. And so, eye care activities are a priority with, all the means of eye health and eye screening programmes, all over the district.

The daily eye camps screen the patients for eye-related problems, and the different OPD’s at different cities and towns cater to the people at their doorstep. On an average, we conduct 300 surgeries per month. And operations go up every year, with more outreach camps.

Prevention of Blindness

One of the major initiatives undertaken by Kutch Vikas Trust includes prevention of blindness, through various interventions. Our major initiatives include, survey of the blind, daily eye camps, distribution of Vitamin A tablets, School screening for children with visual problems, awareness camps for prevention of blindness etc. We have also taken up Comprehensive Eye Health Service in this district, wherein we have the task of survey, Eye Camps, Community based rehabilitation, Integration in other schools and Itinerary Teachers to visually challenged children. We could reach different parts of the Districts, where by generating awareness and instilling confidence among the masses.

School Eye Screening

Children in the schools of entire Kutch are helped through this programme. Teachers are given special training in Eye care methods and children are treated for refractive errors and surgical proceedings are done those who need them.

Vision 2020, Right to Sight

K. V. T. is also the partner in the Global fight against avoidable blindness. We also actively participate in the programmes and policies of the forum for such move, which is called, Vision 2020, Right to Sight India.

Adult Eye Screening

We also have a full-time Adult eye screening team, who go to the villages of Kutch and conduct eye screening camps. All those who are detected with any of the eye problems are treated free of cost.

General Medicine

In order to give succor to the people in the nearby villages, we provide primary health services and health camps in the villages. A permanent resident doctor caters to the health needs of the people.


The devastating earthquake has made a lot of people invalid and disabled. We cater to their needs with two centers at Bhuj and Nakhatrana. They are given all the advanced physiotherapeutic treatment at the subsidized cost.

Mother & Child Health Care

In order to help the poor women and children in the nearby villages, K. V. T. has come forward to provide them nutritious supplements for their all-around health and growth.

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